On the Issues


Health Care

Amanda believes that access to affordable, quality Health Care is a right that should be afforded to all Wisconsinites. Health Care for many in rural Wisconsin is inaccessible and unaffordable for the hard-working people of our communities. For eight years, the State of Wisconsin has continually rejected federal Medicaid expansion (BadgerCare), despite an overwhelming 70% public support rate to accept the funding. Amanda wants to expand access to BadgerCare and ensure that rural hospitals are well-funded so you can see a doctor. Our hard-working families shouldn’t have to choose between going to the doctor or going into debt. Too many people are having to choose between prescription drugs and groceries; Amanda wants to go to Madison to change that.


Public Education

Amanda believes that the state of Wisconsin needs to support our teachers and invest more in public schools so every child has the resources to get a world-class education, regardless of where they live. Right now, elementary, middle, and high schools must be innovative, accessible, and safe. We need to make sure that opportunities are available not only for our students in K-12, but both before and afterwards - with accessible and affordable childcare, vocational school, apprenticeships, and community college.

Rural Broadband

Over the past decade, internet and cell access have gone from a luxury to an everyday necessity, yet in much of rural Wisconsin, service is slow or unreliable. Today, Wisconsin residents need internet access for things like health care, school, work, and more. As our local businesses expand, small businesses and local entrepreneurs can prosper, but need to be able to build their businesses with high-speed rural broadband and infrastructure. Reliable broadband access is vital to the economic development of rural Wisconsin, and Amanda will fight to ensure that all Wisconsin residents have access to reliable, high-speed internet.


Climate Change

Amanda knows that everyone has the right to enjoy our natural resources. This means cracking down on corporations that pollute our air and drinking water and making sure public lands are accessible so families can pass on the legacy of hunting, fishing, and enjoying our natural areas. As a state Representative, Amanda will work to preserve Wisconsin’s beautiful landscape, ensure safe, clean drinking water and superior air quality standards. Water quality affects our health and safety and threatens our farming and way of life. We can develop green business certifications, water treatment and management with emphasis on what we want for our communities, sustainable agriculture, and clean energy. Our 92nd is breathtakingly beautiful, and we have a duty to preserve Wisconsin’s beauty for future generations.

Why This Race Is Important

We need your vote to help create a Wisconsin Legislature that works for rural Wisconsin. Over 80% of Wisconsinites are in favor of fair maps. The next State Assembly will draw the maps that will affect Wisconsin for the next decade, but as things stand our current representative has voted with his party 100% of the time and will not commit to fair maps. Amanda will work with everyone to advance solutions that will help our 92nd District. Every vote counts; every voice deserves to be heard.